Tax Season—Let’s Get Organized!

It’s that time again—the dreaded tax season. Are you overwhelmed?  Do you have a hard time finding important documents? As April 15th rears its head are you left kicking yourself because once again you didn’t get everything organized for early 2017—like you swore you would this time last year? Are you left struggling with accomplishing the daunting task of finding those papers and receipts—leaving you in a procrastination loop? This year skip the unneeded headaches

Pop The Procrastination Bubble

Procrastination is defined as ‘the action of delaying or postponing something’. It is the one action in life that is only ever realized in hindsight. And what does procrastination always want to latch onto? Your ‘to-do’ list! Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that ‘to-do’ list won’t get completed…it will, surely—but, when? During the next few days? Months? Years?  That question still remains. Procrastination is a common denominator in just about everybody’s life—myself
The Stressful Life of a Procrastinator

The Stressful Life of a “Work-From-Home” Procrastinator

Do you work from home and suffer from procrastination? See if this description of a typical day describes you: You get up in the morning with positive thoughts that today will be the day everything on your plate will get  done. Your intent is strong and you are committed. All is good for the first 15 minutes of your working day as you sit at your desk.  You feel in control… Then real life kicks
How to Have an Effort”less” Outdoor Party

How to Have an Effort”less” Outdoor Party

Enjoying Your Party Instead of Missing it from Working so Much Spring, Summer and Fall are the perfect times to enjoy hosting a relaxing and fun outdoor party. The smell of barbecue always livens up the neighborhood with great food cooking on the grill. These days there are less outdoor events happening in neighborhoods as the cost is overwhelming if you’re doing it alone. However, there are solutions to make it easy to prepare the

Are you an ORGANIZED networker?

I remember when I first started my business 23 years ago.  I did the setup steps – started a business based on what I do best, established a name, registered the business, set up a bank account, logo, biz card, and brochure.  I had all the marketing materials – but why wasn’t anyone knocking on my door?  Don’t they know I have a service to offer to help them?  How come my phone isn’t ringing?
How to not be unproductive and procrastinate

What to Do About Procrastination and Feeling Unproductive

Do you wake up in the morning with a plan of what you expect to get done, but by the end of the day it just doesn’t seem to work out “your” way due to procrastination? Do you have a constant nagging feeling of guilt because the most important things you wanted to accomplish didn’t get done AGAIN?!   As the days and weeks roll along, that unproductive feeling becomes an avalanche of undone tasks
What You Need to Know About Clutter and How It Affects Your Life

What You Need to Know About Clutter and How It Affects Your Life

Clutter: A Quick Definition What exactly is clutter? Here’s some thoughts to put it into perspective: Something you don’t need Something you wish you didn’t have  A whole lotta nothin’ Useless “stuff” Meaningless mania Unsorted mess Illogical thinking       Junk Valueless items   Someone else’s… Unrelated items Postponed decisions Unfinished actions VISUAL NOISE                                        
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