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TASK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS and INFOSEARCHERS are complementary organizing and research consulting services that provide Professional Organizing, Productivity Coaching, and Solutions Strategy as synergistic services to take you from “clutter to clear.”

Our popular “Step Into Action” coaching program may be all you need to teach you how to utilize to-do lists for all functions of your life professionally and personally.


An initial discovery session will determine whether you are unproductive because of physical, emotional, or brain clutter.  A custom plan is designed for your needs whether it be Brain Dump, Think Out Loud, Virtual Organizing, Project Management, Budget Tracking  ….

As a known “go-to resource connector”, we also find you the professionals you require to solve issues that need fixing.  You ask, we search, and solve  … !

Isn’t it time to untangle the knots in your life?

Let’s get to know each other, chat about what’s not working… It’s FREE!

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How does consulting with
Task Management Solutions /
benefit you?

When you work with Laura, you gain control of your time, reduce mental and emotional stress, gain education from researched options to help you make informed decisions, increase your clarity and direction.

Breaking down the picture of your life into forward moving steps will increase your productivity and confidence.

You’ll feel at ease having someone you can discuss your disorganization and life challenges with to move you beyond where you feel stuck.  I intuitively listen “beyond the words”, feed it back to you for confirmation of your situation, and we move forward together with a coach by your side untangling the knots in your business and personal life.


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